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Confidence Triangle Set

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This Confidence Triangle Set of Frame and Plank is every young child's favourite. Every child has an innate urge to climb, so this climbing frame with its accompanying plank fulfils this need.  

The Confidence Triangle is best used with a firm mat for gentle falls. It is highly recommended that you allow your child to self-initiate the climb and allow him/her to mount the structure him/herself. Hand-holding will only increase the child's dependence on you. Allowing freedom of movement on the Confidence Triangle will in turn develop strong motor skills and physical confidence in the young child.  

The Confidence Triangle folds flat for easy storage. Made from 100% high-quality birch plywood in Poland. This material meets E0 and CARB standards in Europe and America respectively which means it is absolutely safe for your little ones. 

This structure is suitable for 6 months old to 7 years old. You may include older siblings, as the weight limit is 80kg. Adults should refrain from going on it. 

Structure when fully opened: 80 cm (H) x 73 (L) x 80 cm (W) 7.5kg approximately 

Structure when folded: 88 cm x 19 cm 

Plank: 120 cm x 40 cm. Round holds on one side, smooth surface on the other. 6.5 kg approximately

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