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Milan Mirror Divider

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The room divider is made from a sturdy wood with a beech melamine finish, and features a mirror on one side, and a veneered panel on the other. Its light weight and caster wheels (optionally attached) means that it is simple to move and can be easily arranged and rearranged to suit your classroom or play area’s layout.

The room divider weighs approximately 7kg, and measures 120cm long x 40cm wide x 40cm high (without casters).

Minimal assembly of the two high visibility legs is required. Please note that this mirror is scratch-resistant and not scratch proof. If hard items or sharp edges are used with the table it will scratch as part of normal wear and tear.

Room dividers, and partitions, are well suited to early childhood and care settings as well as school learning environments. These room dividers compliment a variety of school learning settings including open floor spaces, informal soft furnishings and individual seating where students engage in a range of learning modes. Not only can they be used as a traditional partition, but can be used to define a learning area, act as a room divider or create break away areas in open spaces.

This product has the potential to collect and/or reflect UV rays from the sun. In certain conditions there may be a potential risk of fire. To minimise this risk keep this product away from direct sunlight at all times. Always store away from direct sunlight when not in use and avoid the product being put in direct sunlight indoors or outdoors.