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Pocket Money Boardgame

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Pocket Money Game by Knowledge Builder is a fun game that teaches children important concepts about numeracy and basic money.

It introduces the concept that money is earned and exchanged for goods as they move around the board they will be able to either purchase items, or earn money by doing chores or by recycling goods.  And how to make change.

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The Pocket Money Game provides opportunities for students to:

*Recognise the unique features of the different Australian coins and notes
*Count coins of the same denomination and also mixed coins and notes
*Use appropriate coins or notes to purchase items
*Collect and exchange equivalent amounts of money

A fun game for 2 - 4 players.   Easy to play either at home or at school.

Designed and Invented in Melbourne.

Each set includes
1 Board Game (502 x 502mm)
70 Coins
12 - $5 Notes & 12 - $10 Notes,
4 Game Tokens
1 Six-sided Dot Die
Teacher’s Guide

Suits 5+

A great way for kids to feel confident with using cash and working out change in the real world.