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{Pre-order Closed} Wobbel Pro Transparent

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Subjected to delays due to overwhelming orders at Wobbel Netherlands. 

The Wobbel Pro is the twin sister of the Wobbel Original. With a big difference: this Wobbel has no wool felt but recycled pressed felt on the bottom. That makes this Pro suitable for intensive use. The pressed felt mainly consists of recycled PET bottles. Just like the wool felt, it reduces noise, prevents scratches on the floor and on the Wobbel. The soft, felt look means an extra invitation to the users. This felt is easier to clean. The available color pressed felt forms a beautiful and unique contrast with the wood.

Made from high quality European Beech (FSC)

Measures 90 x 30 cm

Wobbel Pro Transparent is only available in these colours: Sky, Forest, Wild Rose, Mustard, Mouse and Baby Mouse. Please refer to the colour charts.

Please note that there is a slight possibility that a certain colour may be out of stock at the Netherlands Wobbel Store. We will contact you to ask you for a change of colour.