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Wooden Spools - 50 pieces

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This assorted size pack of wooden spools are great to use in art and craft projects. They come in various sizes are as follows: Small: 1.6cm (D) x 1.4cm (H) Medium: 2.5cm (D) x 2.0cm (H) Large: 2.3CM (D) x 2.5cm (H).

Wooden spools can be used for various craft projects such as wheels for vehicles for instance cars, trucks, buses or taxis. You can decorate them to turn into hanging ornaments, make people or paint beautiful pictures or patterns onto the wooden spools, thread them onto string and create lovely necklaces. Wooden spools can also be used for stacking or building blocks. With the different sizes this presents a challenge for children to balance the spools. Natural wooden spools are great for children as they are not a regular everyday craft item. They allow the child to explore possibilities and what they can create.